Founded with a strong vision to stimulate Nigeria’s economic growth, Oil and Gas Natural Springs Limited (OGNS Ltd) has steadfastly committed itself to the sustainable exploration and production of oil and gas. Since our inception, our fundamental objective has been to deliver exceptional energy solutions, fueling the nation’s progress while consciously minimizing ourenvironmental impact.
As a key player in Nigeria’s energy sector, we have marked a consistent growth trajectory, enhancing the scope and reach of our operations over the years. From our humble beginnings, we have evolved into a broad-scale operator, serving an extensive network of clients with utmost dedication and professionalism.
This commitment to sustainable practices and technology-driven operations has fueled our transformation into a future-ready enterprise. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our founding mission – to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economic development through responsible and sustainable energy solutions. Our journey so far testifies to our progress, and we continue to strive for excellence, empowered by our passion for serving the nation’s energy needs.

Who We Are

Oil and Gas Natural Springs Limited (OGNS Ltd) is a leading oil and gas company committed to fostering sustainable growth and economic development in Nigeria. Our commitment to the exploration and production of oil and gas resources, complemented by our dedication to the delivery of unparalleled service, has positioned us as an industry pioneer. Established with a mission to empower the nation’s economic landscape, we have grown significantly over the years. Our journey has seen us expand our operations extensively, while consistently integrating the latest technologies into our processes. This dual strategy of operational expansion and technological innovation has transformed us into a broad-scale operator that is both efficient and competitive. Headquartered in Lagos, our strategic location allows us to engage effectively with clients, partners, and industry leaders. This active engagement drives our growth, enabling us to meet the ever-evolving demands of the energy sector. Guided by our CEO, Reverend Barrister Mrs Mina Igbinedion, and our CCO, Mr. Uyi Igbinedion, Princess Imade Igbinedion (CMO), Mrs Esosa Okharedia (CLO), Mr osemwengie igbinedion (CFO), our leadership team imbues the company with a vision for sustainability and innovation. At OGNS Ltd, we believe in doing business that benefits our stakeholders and the broader community. Our approach combines profitability with responsibility, ensuring that our operations are not only financially successful, but also socially impactful and environmentally conscious.

Mission & Vision


Our mission at Oil and Gas Natural Springs Limited is to operate responsibly in the exploration, production, and marketing of oil and gas to create value for our stakeholders. We strive to ensure that our operations have minimal environmental impact, and we are committed to the highest standards of health, safety, and security for our employees and communities where we operate.


Our vision is to become a leading name in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, recognized for our excellence in operations, innovative technology application, and commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment.